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The following are actual quotes taken from our patient satisfaction questionnaire.

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire


I can honestly give you an "A" in every category. The workers are very friendly and knew just what to do. I felt very comfortable and cared for. All the workers are efficient and seem to be very caring, which means a lot to a very nervous and scared person. Yes, I will come back and I recommend everyone be treated there.


This has been my fifth visit. Keep up the good work and thanks a million times of the nurses and staff. You guys are angels.

quote Everyone and I definitely mean everyone (nurses, receptionists, techs) were extremely beautiful. They could not get any better no matter how hard they try. Explanations were greatly broken down to where I could understand. The staff made me feel that I was their only patient. They were very kind and very considerate to my concerns and personal needs. I really couldn't have been more comfortable. Post-op, of course I am going to have pain and discomfort but, I was told how the after effects could be handled properly. I was operated on my left hand with the diagnosis of "release of left long trigger finger and the excursion of flexor sheath." Things are going to be alright and soon. Below is the number I think you should call A.S.A.P.


... because all the angels are at Magna Surgery Center. Thank you so much for them.


As with my surgery (on the left eye) on May 6, 2009, I found the visit and procedure to be very satisfying. Everyone was courteous, very helpful, and treated me very well. Thank you.


All the doctors, nurses, nurses aides, etc., etc. should be highly praised for all of their hard work and patience, especially with the patients.

Congratulations to all of them.

I've been there two times and both experiences have been great.

Thanks to all of them!!!


I was really overwhelmed at how courteous and attentive the staff was. They were very professional.